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How Long Can You Keep Food In A Broken Fridge Freezer?

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There could be a number of reasons why your fridge freezer has stopped working. Perhaps there is a power cut, or a fuse has gone out. Or maybe your appliance has broken down and you’re waiting for a refrigeration engineer to come out and help. No matter what your circumstance is, you’re probably wondering how long the food that’s inside your powerless appliance will last.

What Do You Do When Your Fridge Freezer Has No Power?

First and foremost, you should know what to do when your chiller is no longer working. If there’s food inside that you want to keep, and there’s nowhere else to transfer it to, do not open the door.

When the door is shut, the temperature will remain lower for longer, meaning your food is less likely to defrost or spoil. How long it will last will depend on the compartment that it’s in.

How Long Will Food Last In A Fridge With No Power?

Fridges that have no power but have the door firmly closed should keep food at a safe temperature for up to six hours.

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It’s important to keep an eye on the temperature if possible. If the fridge gets to above 4 degrees C, any meat or dairy products should be disposed of after two hours. After this stage, the food will be unsafe to eat.

If you’re worried about the temperature increasing too much and have access to ice or freezer blocks, you can place these inside the fridge to keep it cool. Do this quickly, as any time the door is opened the cool air will escape.

How Long Will Food Last In A Broken Freezer?

A fridge freezer can remain cold for a long time, but it will depend on the size of the appliance. Half-stocked freezers can stay frozen for up to 24 hours, and fully stocked freezers could last for up to 48 hours. This is because the frozen items help to keep each other cold.

The temperature of your freezer should stay below -18 degrees C. If the temperature gets any higher, you’ll have to treat them as if they were chilled. Make sure you dispose of any food items that you’re not sure about. This particularly applies to meat and dairy products, which are most likely to cause food poisoning when kept at unsafe temperatures.

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If Your Fridge Freezer Is Broken, Call Coolbest Refrigeration

If you’ve found the source of your appliance issues and it’s not a result of a powercut, it’s time to call out a refrigeration engineer. The team at Coolbest would be happy to help, even if it’s an emergency. Our team are experienced in fixing a number of makes and models of fridges and freezers, so we’re sure to get the job done without a fuss.

If the loss of power was a result of a powercut and the item surged when the power came back, you can also give our team a call. We’ll make sure everything is safe, fix the appliance if possible and make sure it’s working as it should be.

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